8 Things To think about Prior to Installing A Swimming Pool

8 Things To think about Prior to Installing A Swimming Pool

Spring is here and who doesn’t want a swimming pool for their Myrtle Beach home in time for those hot summer days! A swimming pool can add a luxury feel to your house and enhances its value on the Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market. However, above all that, it acts as an exceptional recreational area. There is no reason not to go forward with installing a swimming pool in your home. However prior to going ahead with the plan, take stock of these 8 things.

Factors To Think About Before Installing A Pool

1. Look for the perfect area

Check out your home surroundings and find the perfect area for installing a pool. The site has to have a clear area for the building to occur. Likewise, ask yourself questions like how easily accessible and safe this pool location is. Each municipality has their own setback rules, so check with the Myrtle Beach Pool Builder or your local municipality as to what those rules are. 

2. Get familiar with Horry County Laws

There are zoning and construction laws that require swimming pool installations to follow particular standards. Get acquainted with these laws, and make sure that the selected pool location meets the legal requirements.

3. Hiring the right swimming pool builder

Finding the ideal contractor to build your pool is essential. You should speak with friends, acquaintances, and suppliers prior to zeroing in on a contractor. Ensure that the contractor is bonded and insured.

4. Getting a price quote for construction

Request an approximation of the overall construction charges from your contractor or a good friend who has installed a swimming pool recently. Keep in mind that although selecting more affordable products will lower the overall costs, it will present a risk aspect that you’d rather do without.

5. Knowing the maintenance costs

When the pool is built, you will have to spend a specific amount of cash monthly for regular upkeep. Get a rough quote of these charges, and then look into your financial resources to see how you can make it happen.

6. Tax and Insurance

Owning a pool has tax ramifications. So you’ll see an increase in your annual real estate tax costs. Many insurance providers will add insurance for your swimming pool under the basic property owner’s policy. However, if the insurance provider that covers your home doesn’t cover a pool, you’ll need to pay an additional premium to ensure the swimming pool individually.

7. Plan for the style of pool

This affects the aesthetic appeal and the security factor of your home. While the rectangle-shaped shaped pool is traditional, the fairly more recent kidney-shaped swimming pools offer a more modern look. Be careful of installing pools with sharp angles or edges and this will increase the likelihood of an accident. Likewise, do some research study before selecting an in-ground versus an above ground pool.

8. Consider various materials prior to deciding on a pool

Go over the list of materials with your builder. Be aware of the cost of each material and how effective each of them is. You can also consider elaborate tile mosaics and glass tiles if you wish to give your pool an artistic touch.

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