How To Build Swimming Pools Without Breaking The Bank

AcMyrtle Beach Swimming Poolcording to many homeowners, what hinders them from building their own swimming pool is the cost. Many believe that owning a swimming pool is expensive from the construction costs to the expenses required to maintain it. Fortunately, there are ways that homeowners can consider to reduce the cost of pool ownership.

If you are considering building a pool in your backyard, here are some tips you can follow to help reduce the costs.

One choice is an above ground pool. Among the many types of pools, the above ground pool is the most cost-effective to construct. It offers many features that do not cost a lot to be installed. There are different sizes that you can consider without spending a lot of money. Plus, you will be able to use the pool in a couple of days after the installation.

Unless you are only considering a pool for a season or two – THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. Aboveground pools can actually cost you more in the long run because they are not designed for durability.  Aboveground pools can actually lower the value of your home if you are thinking about selling your home in the future.

Many communities in Myrtle Beach have HOAs (Home Owner associations.) And many HOAs will not allow above ground pools. Check with the association BEFORE you make plans to install a swimming pool.

Consider a smaller pool. Obviously, a large pool will cost more to construct than a small one. So even if you have enough space, consider a smaller scale inground pool to reduce the costs of construction. If you are building the pool for your children, don’t worry about the size because no matter how big or small your pool is, your family will still love it simply because it is your own pool, where you can conveniently and easily take a dip whenever the temperature rises. The best thing about opting for a smaller scale pool is that you will also save on maintenance costs down the road.

Postpone some of the features. The first thing that homeowners need to determine when planning for the construction of their swimming pools is the budget. Considering the budget that you are allocating to pool construction, you will be able to decide the size and type of pool to build in your backyard.

You can also decide on the features that you want to add to the pool. On the other hand, be sure to choose only the features that you need at the moment. Postponing on other features such as slides and fountains can significantly reduce your initial costs. Do not worry because you can still add these features down the road. Russell Cooper Pools can help you determine which features you can add to your pool now and which you can add at a later date.

Opt for a smaller pool deck. When building swimming pools in Myrtle Beach, it is not necessarily important that you complete the whole look at the first construction. Some parts of your backyard pool area can be added sometime later when you have saved some money. Some of these can include landscaping and patio as well as lighting and fireplaces. These would indeed make your backyard look great. However, these require additional funds to be installed and maintained.

In addition to these tips, always remember that the key to reducing the costs of constructing your pool is proper and early planning. Start early to plan for the construction so you will have plenty of time to consider all available options for you.  One option is to consider financing your pool. Russell Cooper Pools works with Lyon Financial. They are a great source for financing and they DO NOT require a second mortgage on your home.  Call 877-754-5966 to find a program that best fits your unique needs.

Also, be sure you work with a trained and experienced professional in building a swimming pool. Give Russell Cooper Pools a call today to inquire about their services.

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