Important Factors Of Effective Pool Maintenance

Important Factors Of Effective Pool Maintenance

There are several factors that you need to consider in keeping your swimming pool clean and sanitized. These include adding the right and sufficient amount of sanitizer, continuous water movement, maintaining the right pH levels and temperature and regular brushing and vacuuming to ensure dirt and grime will not stick on the pool surfaces. For the average homeowner, this may seem highly complicated, especially if the homeowner is working alone, without any professional assistance.

To help make your pool maintenance easier and less complicated, keep these important factors in mind.

Effective Pool Maintenance Guide

Regularly add sanitizers

Sanitizers such as chlorine and bromide are added to swimming pools to kill bacteria and prevent algae growth. Keep in mind that whether you are using your swimming pool or not, it is at high risk of breeding bacteria and algae. When the water becomes stagnant, it becomes the perfect environment for these harmful and disease-causing microorganisms to grow and develop. And not surprisingly, frequently used swimming pools are also at high risk of breeding bacteria and algae, especially if they are not cleaned properly and regularly.

This is why pool experts highly recommend adding sanitizers to your swimming pool. You should know that there is a certain level of chlorine or bromine that you need to maintain in your swimming pool to ensure that no bacteria or algae will develop even if the swimming pool is frequently used. Have an expert from Russell Cooper Pools to check your swimming pool and determine the right level of chlorine that you need to maintain.

Maintain continuous water movement

The sanitizers need to circulate and move throughout your swimming pool for it to perform its role. Thus, you need to invest in a high-quality pump and filter system. This will not only ensure continuous water movement but it will also prevent dirt and debris from floating throughout the swimming pool. The filter in the system will trap dirt and debris and prevent it from circulating back to the pool.

There are lots of pump and filter system available in the market today. There are brands and models that are energy efficient so you do not have to worry about having high electric bills at the end of every month. Keep in mind that you will have to run your pump and filter system for at least 10 hours a day with regular use of your swimming pool.

Ensure the filter system is clean

The primary role of your filter system is to trap the dirt and debris that floats throughout your swimming pool; thus, relieving you of regularly cleaning and draining your pool water. Your role, however, is to ensure that your filter system is clean and free of clogs. Keep in mind that the dirt and debris trapped by the filter system may clog the system, especially if you fail to regularly clean your filters.

Note that there are different types of filters used in swimming pools. You should determine what type of filter your system has so you know how to effectively clean your filters. Some filters are easy to clean, while there are also others that require the use of filter cleaning products.

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