Learn More About Swimming Pool Repairs in Myrtle Beach

Learn More About Swimming Pool Repairs in Myrtle Beach

It is essential for many pool owners to learn more about swimming pool repairs. This will help them to make the right decision with regards to the proper maintenance of their swimming pools. And more importantly, it will prevent them from spending more time and money than what is necessary for pool repairs.

What are swimming pool repairs?

According to Myrtle Beach pool experts, pool repair generally includes fixing cracks in the swimming pool and problems in the lining and pool filter and pumps. These repairs can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the repairs needed, the materials you will use and the contractor you are working with.

It is always best to hire a licensed and trained swimming pool professional to help you with the repairs. There are times when it seems that you need minor repairs when what you really need is to replace some components of your swimming pool. Russell Cooper Pools will help you determine the necessary repairs that you pool needs and will provide you with unparalleled services to help you better maintain and take care of your swimming pool.

Types of swimming pool repairs

There are generally three types of pool repairs: structural repair, pool pump, and filter repair and safety feature repair. Structural repair basically includes repairs on the primary structure of your swimming pool and it depends on the material you used for your swimming pool. Pool pump and filter repair include repairs in the pump and filter system of your Myrtle Beach swimming pool, an important aspect of your pool that helps to maintain clean pool water. Safety features repair include repairs on all the safety features that you have installed in your swimming pool.

• Structural pool repair – For concrete pools, this generally includes patching cracks and a complete swimming pool overhaul for the bigger cracks. If you have vinyl swimming pools, the repairs that you would often need are repairing or replacing tears in the lining. The only repairs that you will need for your fiberglass pools basically focus on dealing with discoloration. For this, you will probably need to have your pool contractor perform an acid wash.

• Pool pump and filter repair – Most common pool pump and pool filter problems that need repair are due to clogging and damaged hose. To make sure that this is the cause of your pump and filter system to not work properly, you will need to check all the hose that is connected to your pumps and filters. If you find that the hose is not leaking or damaged in any way, you may want to give Russell Cooper Pools a call to help you identify the real cause of your pool pump and filter problems.

• Safety features repair – Some pool owners have opted to install safety features to their swimming pool to help protect their families when there is a problem in the swimming pool or the pump systems occurs. The primary role of these safety features is to disable or shut down the part of your swimming pool that is not working properly or that has completely stopped functioning. These are often found in pool heaters and pool covers which have safety shut-offs. If you find that the safety features of your swimming pool are no longer working, you will need to call in your pool manufacturer at once.

Always work with a trained, licensed and trustworthy pool manufacturer for your swimming pool repairs. Call Russell Cooper Pools now to inquire about their services.

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