Top Questions On Lighting Your In-ground Pools

Top Questions On Lighting Your In-ground Pools

in-ground poolsOne of the most common accessories that many pool owners choose to add to their in-ground pools is underwater pool lighting. Aside from adding to the beauty of your swimming pool, underwater lighting also helps create the perfect mood for your pool area. Whether or you are having a dinner party or an outdoor barbecue night, decorating your patio will be as simple as making the necessary adjustments to your underwater lighting.

If you are considering adding underwater lighting to your in-ground pool, here are some questions you might want to think about first.

1. What other benefits can I gain from adding underwater lighting to my swimming pool?
In addition to adding to the beauty and creating the perfect ambiance for your Myrtle Beach swimming pool area, underwater lighting also makes night swimming more enjoyable and safer for the entire family. This is especially true if you have kids and small children who would like to play in the pool before bed. With underwater lighting, you can easily see and look after your kids without any worries. Plus, you and the rest of the family can also join in the fun and spend quality time with the whole family without worrying about getting sun burned.

2. When can underwater lighting be added to in-ground pools?
Underwater lighting needs to be added during the installation of your swimming pool. This is why many swimming pool manufacturers introduce the option of adding underwater lights to their swimming pool as early as the planning stage. If your swimming pool has already been constructed and you want to add this great feature, you can still do so, however, you should be ready for a major pool renovation. If your swimming pool is due for a renovation or replacement soon, this is the best time to consider hiring a professional such as Russell Cooper Pools to add pool lighting to your swimming pool.

3. How many lights will I need for my swimming pool?
The number of lights that you will need for your swimming pool generally depends on the size of the swimming pool and the specific type of lighting. Most commonly used today are pool LED lights which are really bright and you will not need to add a couple of lights to your swimming pool. In fact, experts highly recommend adding only one LED pool lights to an average-sized swimming pool.

4. How do I maintain underwater lighting of my swimming pool?
Pool lights are not difficult to maintain. In fact, pool owners only need to replace the bulb to ensure their pool lights are in tip top shape. When replacing bulbs, it is not recommended for pool owners to reduce the water level of their in-ground pools. The best way to replace a worn out light bulb is to loosen the screws while underwater. Once the bulb housing is loose, bring it above the water level so you can safely replace the bulb.

5. Is it safe to use underwater pool lighting?
Adding underwater pool lighting is safe provided the process of installation strictly complies with the manufacturer’s directions and specifications. Moreover, the installation should also comply with local building codes in your area. There are no risks when installing and adding underwater pool lighting, especially if you hire a licensed and trained professional to install them to your swimming pool.

Looking for a professional to install underwater lighting to your in-ground pools? Call Russell Cooper Pools today and inquire about their services.

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