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Myrtle Beach Pool BuildersIf you thought that you had to go on some exotic vacation in order to enjoy the magnificent beauty of a swimming pool, then think again! With today’s technology and modern residential designs, it’s no longer out of reach to own a pool. Not only will it be a beautiful addition to your home with endless hours of family fun and entertaining, but it’s also a great way to add value to your home. Water is one of nature’s best and most beautiful elements and it’s no wonder we are all enamored with it! It’s the perfect way to relax and fill the senses with calmness. So how do you choose the best pool builder for your needs?

Here are some practical things to consider….

First, keep in mind that the pool builder will have a lengthy construction project to complete your pool. This could take up to a few months, and will require many workers. Although it might seem like a huge interruption, the reward of that sparkling water in your new pool will make it all worth it in the end! Your Myrtle Beach pool builder will make sure you get the best possible outcome. Be sure and ask about an estimated time of completion.

Choose a pool builder who has the most experience and satisfied customers. It’s not generally difficult to find out which pool builders have the best reputations—their work shows it all over the area they service. You will want to make sure you choose a company that has a reliable reputation. It’s also an added benefit to choose a company that has all the bells and whistles to offer you as well, and stocks all the “extra” equipment needed to properly maintain your new pool. When you get all your pool supplies from the same company, it’s often incentive to get better deals as they promote offers throughout the year, etc. Most pool builder companies will go out of their way to serve you well and give you great service.

Only trust licensed and/or accredited pool builders who will communicate openly and directly with you about what you want and need. This is a huge decision, so you want the best pool builder out there helping you with all the decision-making. Don’t be afraid to write down the differences between pool builder companies and ask them about your findings.

Finally, get a plan in place of the layout you envision for your pool, the colors used, lighting options, as well as the basics like how deep you want it to be. What about design? They can be endless, so it’s crucial to work with the right pool builder company. They can also help you decide about the fun “extras” like lighting or special effects. If at all possible, get references for the company and call those clients to find out if they were satisfied with what they got. You might even want to add a kiddie pool as well. They don’t take much to complete and it would give your little ones a much safer pool to play in.

Call us today at Russell Cooper Pools and let us show you what your options are for building a pool at your home. We have some of the most extensive experience in the Grand Strand area and look forward to helping you get that private backyard resort you’ve always wanted! The design possibilities are endless and so are the hours of fun sure to be had by your family!

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