Myrtle Beach Pool Building Do’s and Don’ts

Myrtle Beach Pool Building Do’s and Don’ts

Installing a Fence Around Your Swimming Pool

According to swimming pool professionals, the best and most efficient way to secure your swimming pool is to surround the pool area with a strong fence. This will ensure added levels of security.

Most industry professionals suggest using a four-sided fence. Generally, pool fences should be 4 feet high. Openings should not be bigger than 4 inches. The fence should surround the swimming pool completely in all four areas. Of course, you still need to verify and confirm with your local government for the required codes and standards that your pool fence should meet. If you have none, this is the general standard and the most effective measurement for your pool fence.

Keeping Kids And Pets Outside The Pool Area

It is indeed a difficult job to keep an eye on your kids and pets 24 hours a day. This is why they often easily find an unobstructed way to the swimming pool. To ensure that they won’t be able to reach your pool, you will need to employ certain barriers and checkpoints.

  1. Use a pool cover that is opened and closed by a key or a code. This cover automatically opens and closes after inserting the key or typing the code in the control panel. Make sure the control panel is out of reach to the children so they won’t think to play with it and mess with your settings.
  1. Add shrubs and hedges around the fence to make it difficult for the pets and kids to climb over the fence. Also, make sure there are no tools, equipment that could help them climb over the fence near the pool area. Store these things in a shed that is far from the pool area.
  1. Install motion-detecting lights outside the house, throughout the lawn, and in the pool area. This specific type of lighting will automatically switch on or produce blinking light effect to inform you should someone step into your property and in the pool area.
  1. Make sure you work only with pool building professionals to effectively and efficiently ensure the safety of your Myrtle Beach swimming pool and your family.

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