Planning on Pool Building To Include Safety and Security

Planning on Pool Building To Include Safety and Security

Safety and security are especially the most important in the pool area where all sorts of risks and dangers are. If left unattended, small children may accidentally drown in the pool when trying to reach for things floating on the water, such as their toy that went rolling through the pool water. Or when they try to walk on the water thinking it is as deep as their kiddie pool or lap pool.

As head of the household, you must ensure that every member of your family is safe and secure. And even though you repeatedly tell them that the pool area is not a playground, you will still find the kids exploring the pool area.

Here are some tips on how you can incorporate improved safety and security when planning for pool building.

• Cover your swimming pool. Even though it’s not winter, you will want to keep your pool covered if not in use and when it will be a long time again before you will use it. Be sure that the cover you will use passes industry standards regarding durability and quality. Most importantly, the cover should be able to hold at least 485 pounds of weight within a three-foot diameter.

• Use pool covers with automatic pumps so that it rainwater will not accumulate on top of the pool cover and risk drowning. Other types of pool cover you may want to consider using include tapered safety covers where water will not accumulate in the center. Another common type is the mesh panel covers, which allows water to seep through the mesh material.

• Always make sure that the pool cover is completely removed before you use the pool and before allowing anyone to use the pool. Any loose pool cover on the pool is a drowning hazard.

• Install numerous barriers and protective measures around the pool area. Pool building professionals suggest combining two or more or all of these safety precautions to ensure the kids will not be able to reach the pool and try their swimming skills or how long they can hold their breath underwater. Remember, you must prevent their easy access to the pool, so much so that they will get distracted and forget about going to the pool.

• Install fences around the pool area. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highly recommends installing fences and gates that are self-closing, self-latching and child resistant. Make sure pets and small children will not be able to pass through the fence or gate by either climbing under or over.

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