Tips For Cleaning And Repairing Your Pool After A Hurricane

Tips For Cleaning And Repairing Your Pool After A Hurricane

pool builderHurricanes can bring several inches of rain. Even if you have not been asked to evacuate because you are out of the coastal storm surge area, you still have to take the necessary precautions and prepare for the upcoming hurricane. You have to get rid of any loose items from your pool deck and your yard. You also have to make sure that your spa tub and pool covers are on as tight as it can be. But whatever you do, hurricanes will always bring debris to your yard as well as the pool area. There are different ways you can take for damage assessment, pool cleaning, and pool repair after the storm. You can check with your local pool builder for tips. However, you can also work on it directly with these steps:

–    Remove all debris from the pool and yard

–    Remove the pool cover and check for more debris

–    Inspect the railings and attachments that may have come loose due to high winds

–    Check pool PH and chlorine balance

Remove Debris

Hopefully, your pool cover has done its job and has remained tightly closed during the storm. You might see palm fronds and limbs laying around your yard. Be sure to pull back your pool cover slowly so as to get rid of debris as well as excess water. Take out all the twigs, leaves, as well as palm fronds out of your pool in case you weren’t able to cover it. Sweep your swimming pool and don’t forget to use the leaf net to get rid of as much surface debris as you can. Once power has been restored in your area, you should immediately vacuum the pool. Inspect for signs of damage to the pump before you start using your pool again.

Water Level

In case your swimming pool was left uncovered, the rain has added more water into it. Hurricanes usually leave many in-ground pools inundated with sea water due to the storm surge. If your pool is one of them, you need to get rid of all the sand and then drain the water once the seas and the weather had calmed down.

It is not recommended to drain the pool partially if you are not sure that the ground is dry. You might have to wait for days, a week, or even more, especially if you are located in a flooded area. In case the water level is lower than expected, it is possible that you have a leak that’s flooding the saturated ground. You also have to inspect all of the railings as well as all the other fittings surrounding your pool. Check if any of them may have come loose because of the strong winds. All ladders and rails in tubs and pools must be tightened. You can prevent further loss of water with this simple swimming Myrtle Beach pool repair tip.

The next thing to do is check the PH balance of your pool water even if you are not using it. You do not need an accumulation of algae as the ground dries out. Furthermore, you have to inspect your skimmer, pump fittings, as well as filters to make perfectly sure that everything is secure.

Go to the waterline and check the area as well as the surface below for possible cracks once you are ready to get back into the pool. If you see any damage, have it repaired right away. It may also be much easier to look for problems in spa tubs and above ground pools. These pools are commonly covered. Inspect the frame as well as the decking for wind damage. The outside surface of a vinyl pool or fiberglass can be inspected for cracks. If you find any damage is found and you are unsure what to do, call your Myrtle Beach pool builder to have it sorted out.

Commercial Pools

A resort or hotel might need to get a swimming Myrtle Beach pool repair service from Russell Cooper Pools due to storm damage. There is still a possibility that pools that are not at ground level might still have sustained wind damage. Additionally, the railings, as well as ladders, might have come loose due to high winds. The skimmers and drains must also be checked.

If you need help in cleaning or repairing your swimming pool after a hurricane, call Russell Cooper Pools now.

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