Pool Design And Ideas To Consider Adding To Your Home

Pool Design And Ideas To Consider Adding To Your Home

If you are planning to add a swimming pool to your home, there are various Myrtle Beach pool design and ideas that you should consider. Each has their own benefits and advantages that would suit you and your family’s needs. Listed below are some of the most common designs that you should look into. Russell Cooper Pools can provide you with more information about the following designs and will help you in choosing the most suitable design for your swimming pool.

1. Lap pools – If your family is fond of swimming for exercise or are swimmers and athletes, you should consider building a lap pool. This usually ranges in length from 50 to 60 feet. Although, you can choose how long you want it to be. Do not worry about the style and finish because you can choose to add any type of style and finish to your lap pool. You can also consider adding an attractive backdrop to further add to the overall design of your swimming pool. And if there is still available space left, you can discuss with your pool builder adding water features to your lap pool.

2. Infinity pools – This type of pool design is very popular among houses with a breathtaking view such as vacation homes, houses at the top of hills, and houses that has a landscape that overlooks a never ending horizon, a lake or an ocean. Get the most out of that great view by installing an infinity pool.

An infinity pool creates the effect that your swimming pool vanishes into the amazing view that you have. This is created by letting the water flow over a weir wall. The water will fall into a catch basin where it will be re-circulated back into your swimming pool. As the water continues to over flow, it blurs the line between the pool and the view, effectively joining them and making it seem one long horizon.

3. Swimming pools with hot tubs – If you are looking for the therapeutic benefits of a spa but also want to have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can have both installed in your backyard. There are swimming pools that are connected to a hot tub to allow the homeowners to easily slip into the relaxing spa after spending time in the pool. At the same time, if some of members of your household prefer the hot tub while others want to hang out at the pool, you can all spend time together. The adults can still keep an eye on the children playing at the pool while they are relaxing at the spa.

You can connect a spa at any part of your swimming pool depending on the style and shape. On the other hand, many homeowners choose to build the spa at an elevated part of their swimming pool so they can also serve as a water feature for the swimming pool. Make sure you work with your Myrtle Beach pool builder on how to work with your current landscape to include a pool with a spa.

4. Splash pools – This pool design is perfect for families with small children as they can safely play in the swimming pool, while the adults can relax around the lounge chairs which can be placed at the shallower part of the splash pool. This is also highly recommended for small properties where deeper and bigger swimming pools will not be able to fit.

If you want to maximize your use of the splash pool and if you have the available space, you can consider attaching a deeper swimming pool. This is especially beneficial if you live with adults who prefer deeper pools. Just be sure to make this area is secured enough so that the children will not be able to easily access the deeper part of your swimming pool, which may result to accidents.

5. Beach entry swimming pools – Complement your lagoon style or tropical themed backyard with a beach entry swimming pool. This type of swimming pool does not have ladders or steps as the entrance. Similarly with beaches, this type of swimming pool has a sloped entrance that starts very shallow from the deck and gradually goes deeper at the other end of the pool. There is a wide range of finishes and tiles that you can incorporate to the pool to create the atmosphere and the look of a natural beach.

It is important that you only work with licensed and reputable pool builder who has years of experience building the pool design that you have chosen. For more information, give Russell Cooper Pools a call now.

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