Pool Repair Tips: Fixing Problems With Your Water Pump

Pool Repair Tips: Fixing Problems With Your Water Pump

If there is a problem with your pool filter or water pump, chances are they won’t be working as efficiently; thereby, increasing the possibilities of bacteria and algae build up. This is why it is important to increase your knowledge of potential water pump problems and how you can repair them.

Most Common Water Pump Problems and the Necessary Pool Repair Process

  1. Water pump stops functioning
    If your water pump stops functioning, the first thing to check is your skimmer basket. Ensure it’s not clogged and that it is empty prior to testing your water pump. If it still doesn’t run, check your water pump system for any blockage that may prevent water from getting into the strainer basket.
    If all is well with your entire pump system, check your pump basket for any damages. A damaged pump basket will cause debris and dirt to get inside the pump system which can cause jamming and make it difficult for the impeller to move. Replace your pump basket if you find it damaged. If the water pump still doesn’t run, you may have to call in a professional pool repair.
  2. The water pump is leaking
    If you notice leaks on your water pump, it may be because of the fitting thread getting smaller over time. What you need to do is to check the fitting if it needs replacing. This is inexpensive and takes less than an hour to complete.
    If there is no problem with the fitting, check your mechanical seal. If you notice any damage, you need to replace this with a new one. A new mechanical seal wouldn’t cost you much and only takes about 45 minutes to install.
  3. The water pump motor turns on and off at random times
    When your water pump turns on and off on its own, it is most probably overheating. This only means you need a new water pump motor. However, if you have recently replaced your motors, it may be due to an electrical issue. Make sure your pump’s electrical voltage isn’t too low as this requires the motor to generate more heat, which triggers your pump motors’ internal systems to shut itself down. You may also check your pump’s cooling vents and see whether it is blocked.
  4. Whining noise as your water pump operates
    A whining or scratching noise coming from your water pump means worn out bearing. All you have to do is replace your bearings and your water pump will go back to running and operating smoothly.

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