Swimming Pool Renovation

swimming pool upgradeSwimming pool technology is always progressing like any other form of technology, so it only makes sense to consider some great ideas for renovating or doing your own swimming pool upgrade. The possibilities are endless and you can easily turn your tired, outdated pool into a luxury swimming pool once again, and purring like a kitten. If you thought you could never improve on your existing pool, then think again! Don’t let the latest and greatest options for your pool intimidate you. Here are some ideas to get you started….

1.    Salt Water Chlorinator 

If you want to spend more time swimming and less time on maintenance, then this is a great option for you. Rather than testing water and using granular chlorine additives, tablets or liquid chlorine, this method will convert salt into chlorine when it is needed. It uses the same chemical process that the other methods use, but with even better results and higher sanitization levels. You won’t have to constantly monitor the chlorine levels, which makes this method top on our list for its convenience factor. Gone are the days of irritated eyes and green hair!

2.    Fiber Optic and Color LED Lights

Shine a little light on the subject and have some fun with this new trend in pool lighting! You can install colored LED lights in the walls or floor of the pools, creating a dazzling array of neon lights to enjoy. It will be the talk of the neighborhood and light up any party in your backyard! Not only do they add beauty to your outdoor setting as you entertain, but it adds tremendous value to your pool, and thus your home. Why not have some fun with a spray of fiber optic starlights along the floor of your pool or the wall of a waterfall? Talk about bringing your nightlife to life! It might just be the perfect swimming pool upgrade on our list.

3.    Aggregate Finish On The Pool Plaster

New plaster technology has brought new ideas and Aggregate finishes are the perfect alternative to the plain old white Marcite plaster. Not only is an Aggregate finish far more durable than Marcite plaster, it’s far more beautiful. You can add crystals, pebbles and quartz to increase the beauty. These types of surfaces can give an incredibly exhilarating effect, reflecting light and making the water sparkle with color! Another good thing about Aggregate finishes? It will last far longer than typical Marcite plaster—up to 20 years on average, where plaster will not last more than 10 years. This is truly a swimming pool upgrade worth investigating.

4.    Electronic Automatic Water-Fill

This is all about convenience. No longer will you have to turn the hose on to fill the pool with the right amount of water—electronic auto-fill systems will sense when the water levels have dropped due to evaporation or traffic, and fill it back up to the proper levels to keep pumps and filters running correctly.

5.    Coping or Decking Made From Natural Stone

A great pool renovation is to use natural stone for the decking or coping. It’s far less slippery than stamped concrete and has a beauty that will last for decades, without color fading. It’s also great due to the cooler surface temperature, making it much easier on those bare feet! 

Why not consider upgrading your pool before the hot weather hits again next summer? We hope these ideas have inspired you. Please leave your comments or questions below or share your pictures with us of your own swimming pool upgrade or renovation!

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