Top Characteristics Of The Best Swimming Pools

Top Characteristics Of The Best Swimming Pools

There is a wide range of different characteristics and features of swimming pools. But only a few can make it the best and the greatest. If you are planning to add a swimming pool to your home, here are some characteristics and features that you might want to consider to make your swimming pool one of the best in Myrtle Beach.

What Makes A Great Swimming Pool

1. Lots of space – Space is important in swimming pools and to make your pool one of the best, it should have lots of space both for adults and kids. This is especially beneficial if you have a wide open yard. Opting for a larger pool with minimal features and aesthetic designs offers lots of space for any size of family. Plus, with the right lighting effects, it will be easy to host a dinner party or pool party at your house.

2. Poolscape – If you do not have that much space in your yard for a large pool, you can opt to hire professional pool contractors in Myrtle Beach such as Russell Cooper Pools and have them layout and install an attractive poolscape in your yard. No matter how small or big your yard is, what matters is you and your pool contractor’s creativity. Consider combining different materials like glass, wood and stone for your in-ground pool. You can also have your contractor build different depths of the pool to accommodate the different needs of your family. This is especially helpful if you have small kids in the family who need a shallower paddle pool as opposed to deeper pools that many adults prefer.

3. Infinity pool – For those who have a magnificent view in their yard, you will surely love the infinity pool. To create the infinite pool look, you need to have your contractor design a multi-level deck for your pool that is made of natural materials like wood and stone. This will effectively complement your natural surroundings. To highlight the amazing view, you will need to carefully choose where to place your pool. Do not worry about making sure that the pool will look like it is actually part of the great view that you want to highlight because your contractor will take care of that. Russell Cooper Pools has years of experience creating various types of swimming pools including infinity pools.

4. L-shaped pool – If you cannot decide between a sunroom or an in-ground pool, you can opt to have both of them installed by choosing an L-shaped pool. This particular type of in-ground pool is built so that it wraps around your sunroom to create the letter L-shape. With the right choice of complementing materials, this type of in-ground pool will surely be a sanctuary of peace and comfort for all members of the family. It is also perfect for those households with elderly or individuals with a disability who cannot just as simply take a dip in the pool whenever they want. You can still spend time with them outdoors because they can stay safe and be comfortable in the sunroom while other members of the family, including the younger kids play around in the pool. The great thing about this is that they can conveniently watch over the small kids as they swim.

5. Green oasis – For those homeowners who would rather not destroy their beautiful landscape that they have been working hard on just for the installation of an in-ground pool, there is nothing to worry about. They can have their own backyard pool without sacrificing their landscape. This can be possible by having your contractor build you a green oasis by combining plants and trees with your in-ground pool. The best and most often way this is done is by placing plantings to border the pool and adding cedar sidings to complete the look as well as to separate the oasis from the rest of your yard.

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